FANS’ POLL: Who should replace Nigel Clough?

Sep 29, 2013 | | 2 comments

Nigel Clough’s sacking has led to speculation about his successor. Sky Bet has Tony Pulis as the current favourite, followed by former Forest manager and one-time assistant Rams manager Steve McLaren.

Vote below on who you think should be the next manager and comment with your thoughts on the matter.

You can also get involved in the debate of Clough’s sacking by clicking here.

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2 Responses

  1. O’Neill is a fantasy signing let’s face it. stimac is another heart over head, choice. poyet may suit what we’ve got but his last club sacked their most successful ever manager for misconduct, makes me wonder what the problem is there. Pulls is a good manager, the question is how much the team would need dismantling to suit his style. McLaren is interesting, but must be on big money, or expect it. I’ve always admired warnock, but he retired, and may have lost the spark. there’s nobody that instantly appeals at the moment. the board have been quiet since the season started, this has been in the pipe for a few weeks, so I assume they have tapped up someone they have in mind. they need to get this right now GSE, our they’ll end up wishing they never bought the club.

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